Thoughts That Count

redwood51ONE of Helena Blavatsky’s adept teachers famously remarked in Mahatma Letters, “thoughts are things.”


This was also Buddha’s first principle: the individual, and the world as a whole, rises or falls on the power of thought and intention.

Why should this be?

A line from Shakespeare’s Hamlet is suggestive: “there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

Thoughts are the seeds of Karma,” is a familiar Theosophical mantra.

The First Duty

The sayings of the Buddha were extracted out of the stories of Buddha’s life forming The Dhammapada, which means “the path of dharma.” Not meant to be a dogmatic religion, static and unchanging, it is rather a path anyone can follow. Buddha’s first saying is:

“ALL that we are is the result of what we have thought: all that we are is founded on our thoughts and formed of our thoughts.”

Is it any wonder that the first object of the Theosophical Movement is Universal Brotherhood and Sisterhood? This is humanity’s first duty, our communal “Dharma.”

“Real Human Solidarity”

rowing“If the action of one reacts on the lives of all, and this is the true scientific idea, then it is only by all men becoming brothers and all women sisters, and by all practising in their daily lives truebrotherhood and true sisterhood , that the real human solidarity, which lies at the root of the elevation of the human race, can ever be attained.

“It is this action and interaction, this true brotherhood and sisterhood, in which each shall live for all and all for each, which is one of the fundamental Theosophical principles that every Theosophist should be bound, not only to teach, but to carry out in his or her individual life.”
H. P. Blavatsky


“The man who does not go through his appointed work in life
— has lived in vain.”
(Voice of The Silence)

Right Understanding

The kinds of thoughts that count, then, ought to have their basis in one fundamental idea: Universal unity and causation.

Without a recognition of this, nothing else can be understood. As biologist Rupert Sheldrake explained, this is why “dogs know when their owners are coming home.”

Occult science explains why universal unity is a fact in Nature. The principle is rooted in this primary Theosophical teaching:

“The fundamental Law in that system is the One homogeneous divine substance-principle, the one radical cause.” (SD 1:273)

The Egg Knows


Sacred Egg of Heliopolis and Typhon’s Egg.

The Mundane Egg was an important symbol with the ancients, and for good reason. It represented the “One Life,” or matrix, in which all things and beings on this earth are inextricably entangled. As Blavatsky states:

“The Egg was incorporated as a sacred sign in the cosmogony of every people on the Earth, and was revered both on account of its form and its inner mystery.”

Making use of a different kind of egg, there is now evidence, from Princeton scientists, that a universal substratum does indeed exist.

In their experiments, “EGG” refers to “Electrogaiagram,” a play on Electroencephalogram, and reflects similarities to the EEG technology used to record brain waves. This NBC News video clip explains:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Crystallizing Thought

Our thoughts impact everything: our health, relationships, moods, careers — and we now realize, even the world at large is similarly affected by our thoughts—and shows it.

This important discovery about the power of thought, was confirmed in experiments conducted by IONS senior scientist Dean Radin, on Japanese researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work with water crystals. Dr. Radin concludes:

Dean Radin, PhD

Dean Radin, PhD

“The hypothesis thatwater ‘treated’ with intention can affect ice crystals formed from that water was pilot tested under double-blind conditions. A group of approximately 2,000 people in Tokyo focused positive intentions towards water samples located inside an electromagnetically shielded room in California.” …

“Results indicated that crystals from the treated water were given higher scores for aesthetic appeal than those from the control water, lending support to the hypothesis.”


Confirming, Blavatsky writes in Isis Unveiled 1:207:

“Everything lives and perishes through magnetism one thing affects another one, even at great distances … may be influenced to health and disease by the power of this sympathy, at any time, and notwithstanding the intervening space.”

Positive & Negative Energy Effects
of Thoughts on Water Crystal

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The Roots of Thought


Redwood Roots

Faith, imagination, desire, intention, will, motive and feeling — lead to every state of consciousness we experience — yet all have their origin, and all are rooted in thought. Just as flowers and trees are rooted.

The towering redwoods all began life as a tiny seed. When planted in fertile soil, the growth process begins, leading to irrevocable effects — and, like our thought-effects, difficult to undo.

Blavatsky gives more detail in Studies in Occultism (excerpts):

“Imagination is a potent help in every event of our lives. Imagination acts on Faith, and both are the draughtsmen who prepare the sketches for Will to engrave, more or less deeply, on the rocks of obstacles and opposition with which the path of life is strewn.”


“Says Paracelsus: ‘Faith must confirm the imagination, for faith establishes the will . . . Determined will is the beginning of all magical operations. . . . It is because men do not perfectly imagine and believe the result, that the arts (of magic) are uncertain, while they might be perfectly certain.’

“This is all the secret. Half, if not two-thirds of our ailings and diseases are the fruit of our imagination and fears. Destroy the latter and give another bent to the former, and nature will do the rest.”

“All Will Be Well”
The Gabe Dixon Band

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Susan Boyle

LONDON — “A middle-aged volunteer church worker with the voice of an angel is Britain’s latest unlikely showbiz star. Susan Boyle, 47, wowed judges and audience alike when she performed on television contest “Britain’s Got Talent.” By Tuesday, a video clip of Boyle’s performance on Internet site YouTube has been watched more than 2.7 million times.” – AP/Huffington Post – JILL LAWLESS, April 17, 2009

“Watching an older person—especially an older person who doesn’t seem very hip—prove she still has time to emerge from her cocoon is exciting because it reminds us that we can still sort through our own problems. No matter how old we are, we’re dealing with something, and it’s refreshing to be told that that’s okay.”  Mark Blankenship, Pop Culture Critic

Britain’s Singing Sensation

Vodpod videos no longer available.

One World,
One Humanity

(Excerpts: The Theosophical Movement – Vol. 71, No. 3))

“Today humanity is divided into sects and cults, castes, creeds and classes, religious denominations and political ideologies, so that instead of bearing love and friendship for one another, nations and races are engaged in opposing and attacking one another.

“One world and one humanity has been the cry for ages. Poets and philosophers have dreamed of it. Statesmen and politicians all over the world are trying to find a solution to the great problem of disunity. They have not succeeded yet because they do not have the right approach to this important problem.

"Harmony" -

“Harmony” –

“It is not through legislatures that harmony and peace can be established between different nations. What is needed is a change of mind and of heart on the basis of a correct understanding of the fundamental ideas and facts as given out by great Teachers down the ages.

“These ideas were resuscitated for the benefit of our civilization by Madame Blavatsky. The ideal of a united world appeals to the common man as to the scholar; but,unless a thorough understanding of the source of that unity is acquired, it is not possible to put into practice this ideal or to bring about the required result.”

“Stand By Me”

“Mark Johnson, the producer of a remarkable documentary about the simple but transformative power of music: PLAYING FOR CHANGE: PEACE THROUGH MUSIC. The film brings together musicians from around the world — blues singers in a waterlogged New Orleans, chamber groups in Moscow, a South African choir — to collaborate on songs familiar and new, in the effort to foster a new, greater understanding of our commonality.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson

PLAYING FOR CHANGE is a movement uniting people all over the world through music and inspiration. It all began about seven years ago as my producing partner, Whitney Kroenke Burditt, and I assembled a group of like-minded people with cameras and a mobile recording studio. We embarked on a journey across the globe in search of music and human connections.” -Mark Johnson


Sow a Thought, Reap an Act;
Sow an Act, Reap a Habit;
Sow a Habit, Reap a Character;
Sow a Character, Reap a Destiny.



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2 responses to “Thoughts That Count

  1. Susan Boyle is an incredibly talented lady who’s been subjected to considerable pressure in the media. IMHO she deserves all of the success that she is having.

  2. zinky agulnik

    I thought this was exciting, enlightening, and gave me food for lots of positive thoughts. The world is in rather a mess, and I wish LOVE was a thought, that was catchy as the flu. Not dislike, which seems to be so prevalent in our world!

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