Timely Prophesy

John William Waterhouse, "The Crystal Ball"

IF you saw yourself as nothing but physical matter, how would that affect the way you live right now?

In the emerging science of neuroplasticity we’ve come full circle, back to Buddha, who maintained it is our thoughts that reign supreme over the physical brain and body.

Likewise, if we were convinced that Nature is more than just a “fortuitous concurrence of atoms,” could such a belief change how we managed our natural resources?

What if we believed that “everything in the Universe, throughout all its kingdoms, is conscious,” as Theosophy asserts?

That everything is “endowed with a consciousness of its own kind and on its own plane of perception?”

British astronomer, Sir Arthur Eddington, epitomized the ongoing scientific controversy, when commenting on the Uncertainty Principle in quantum physics, in 1927, he remarked:

Something Unknown is Doing
We Don’t Know What

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Non-Molecular Mind

Noetic consciousness, has to be “regarded as activities of our mind on another and a higher plane,” H. P. Blavatsky maintained—”working through something less substantial than the moving molecules of the brain.” (Psychic & Noetic Action)

“They cannot be explained as the simple resultant of the cerebral physiological processes, [which] only condition them or give them a final form, for purposes of concrete manifestation.”


Self-Fulfilling Prophesies

If life is ultimately purposeless, because we are “nothing but a pack of neurons” in the brain — then nothing we do has any importance — only what we can grab for ourselves ‘now’ has any meaning.

But, if such a selfish view were actually the prevailing sentiment, then no one would care about starving children, the sick or elderly, or animal abuse. Healing a stressed planet, homelessness, and poverty, would be at the bottom of our list.

Yet, according to the Good News Network, people do care, enough to make personal sacrifices in time and resources — even the most skeptical of us.

What if we only heard good news?

But, we say one thing, and act another. So… what’s really going on?

Worldviews are compelling, but luckily, there is an generous undercurrent of compassion that drives us humans, no matter what. This is our saving grace.

Sissel Kyrkjebo, “Imagine”

Universal Conscience

At the core of our being, irrational and illogical as it might be for some, random acts of kindness have always been what ultimately defines us as humans. There exists a common thread of conscience, and a human ethic that always transcends ideology.

Now there are proofs of a global unity, many emerging in studies being done in frontier noetic scientific fields.

Some of these studies, like the Global Consciousness Project, and the PEAR project, have decades worth of data which has been ignored.

The data cannot be dismissed and denied much longer. Ultimately, no dictatorial religion or science can survive Truth—but, as in the violent Crusades, many will fight to their dying breath.

Global Consciousness Project

Dr. Radin Speaks Out

“Note that the comment that they’re ‘just looking for patterns in random data’ is absolutely not true,” Radin says. “See the website for more details on the hypothesis-testing nature of this experiment.”

IONS Senior Scientist, Dean Radin, exhorts his colleagues to “subvert the dominant paradigm.”

Dr. Dean Radin

In a May 27, 2009 blog entry, Dr. Radin writes:

“Last week the National Public Radio program [NPR] ‘All Things Considered’ mentioned one of the distant intentionality studies that my colleagues and I published last year. […]

Is This Your Brain On God?

“It was predictable that some people would not like the NPR program. One of those comments appeared today in the Huffington Post by someone who was clearly miffed by the very concept that thoughts might influence the world.

“When I see such strong opinions expressed, it is almost always the case that the person offering those opinions doesn’t actually know anything about the underlying empirical data.”

Bruce Lipton: Epigenetics

Noetic Research

A few years ago, a series of books by Dr. Masaru Emoto brought to the public’s attention the idea that thoughts could influence the formation of water crystals, causing them to look beautiful or deformed.

Ions Lab

Dr. Masaru Emoto

This effect was illustrated in a scene from the movie What the Bleep Do We Know!? and helped turn Dr. Emoto into a worldwide celebrity.

Hidden Messages in Water

Many skeptics were angered by the surge of interest in this effect, insisting that any claim that mind influences matter was nonsense.

Contrary to the opinions of uninformed skeptics, however, there is actually plenty of published evidence suggesting that mind influences matter, including water.

Institute of Noetic Sciences

Institute of Noetic Sciences

For example, the effects of intentionally “treated” water versus untreated control water has been studied on the germination and growth of plants, including barley, wheat, rye, beans, cress, radishes, and lettuce.

Other properties of water that have been investigated include rates of cooling, molecular bonding, surface tension, and pH level. But water crystallization had not yet been studied, so the skeptics’ torment persisted.

Dean Radin: Scientific Taboos

In 2005, Dr. Emoto visited the IONS campus and gave a presentation of his data. IONS senior scientist Dean Radin asked him if he’d be interested in conducting a double-blind test of his claims, and Dr. Emoto agreed.

The results turned out to support the claims, and the two men co-published a report in the journal Explore.

In 2007, a second experiment was conducted, this time under triple-blind conditions, and again the results showed that thoughts had an impact on the formation of water crystals.

Dean Radin, Ph.D

That study was published in late 2008 in the Journal of Scientific Exploration.

“While the results of both tests support Dr. Emoto’s claims,” Radin said, “the observed effects were very small and could only be ‘detected’ with the use of statistics.

“Even so, the essence of his underlying hypothesis appears to hold up under tightly controlled conditions and, more importantly, are consistent with the outcomes of many previous studies.”

Conference 2009Toward a Global Shift

It’s time to act on our convictions and make a difference in the world!

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14 responses to “Timely Prophesy

  1. Great post, and I love Dean Radin’s comments on intention and attention. Simply phrased, that is how we heal.

    Thanks again, Simon.

  2. I was just looking around the net looking for ideas to write some articles about and came across your website, good stuff you have here thanks for the info.

  3. Galactic Axis, Universal Motion

    The core issue for many “materialists” and other such empirical “determinists” and so forth, has more to do with the psychological underpinnings which accompany the implications of such realization regarding the connectivity of all life and the preservation of energy, which is neither destroyed or created – but rather continually transformed.

    The resistance to discovery of the Real Truth is due to the assertion of Falsehood.. which takes many forms but is always sourced in the ignorant (i.e. ignored, ignoring) reflection of self, the separative self-image which considers itself apart and distinct from the “world” and every other object it can define in some way by virtue of this apparent separation. This trick of the mind is regarded as more real than mind itself, and therefore the encapsulated world of subjectivity and all its woes becomes manifest as the mind’s resulting “reality”.

    This core issue is the genesis of all other psychological problems, of which the emotional component is largely ignored… in relation to conceptual and intellectual ideas that are regarded as “fact” in the very service of this self-image’s maintenance and reinforcement.

    For instance: the general resistance to the idea of evolution being “intelligent design” by way of regarding only humans or some style of human determination or thought as “intelligent”. Simple one-celled organisms such as amoebas and so forth do not have this “intelligence” and therefore there can be no “intelligence” behind evolution, but rather it is regarded as simply a random force of “natural selection”. But here is the illogical error at the root of such presumption: if there is no “intelligence” in the process, then how is a “selection” ever made? Purely random chance would mean no successful traits are ever retained, only a recognition of successful survival tactics would allow retention and maturation of that trait. This does not even touch upon how some of the most amazing evolutionary traits of animals come into being in the first place, in response to a particular environment.

    And yet this presumption of such specialized and therefore only human “intelligence” will deny any other advance on the topic simply by virtue of the psychological need to be superior, which is the need for the self-image to glorify itself above all other objects.

    However, under all of this is a fundamental fear which drives such “materialistic” scientists and intellectual researchers in other fields to deny the connectivity and universality of all life and all things. This emotional component is usually disregarded in debates with such people, and IMHO is the reason why such attempts at “conversion” will tend to fail. The problem is this: such people are very sure that death is the end for them, and that there will be no resulting effects of life, and actually, in no uncertain terms these people actively and fervently wish for the lack of any sort of “afterlife” – an activity which is almost always deeply unconscious. They actually have a very strong emotional impulse to deny the preservation of consciousness as any other type of energy. The intellectual arguments against it are only a vehicle to manifest this emotional need. And due to the emotional implications of such a reality regarding continuation of life beyond death, the resulting arguments against it and denials of it are subsequently filled with the relative amount of emotion which surrounds the issue – which can be boiled down to a very basic kind of fear. Fear of the unknown and its vast implications.

    Paradoxically, these are usually the same people that tend to regard human morality and conscience as some kind of “mystery” rather than being able to grasp the underlying mechanical nature of all life and its functions. They are unable to grasp the depth of cosmic law, and would instead focus on only the grossest manifestations they can measure, such as gravity, inertia, kinetics, etc. The indications of “karma” have taken on a comical tone in light of such ignorance, likening it more to a “santa claus list” of good and bad. They fail to see the greater implications of causality in the manifestation of events due to their inability to access their own causal nature.

    I feel there will be no way to intellectually convince such people of their lack of awareness, and yet such debates rage on continuously from day to day. The rage is often ignored or simply taken for granted as the “normal” state of human disagreement. But in order to realize the most fundamental and Real Truth at the source of all life and all things, one must be able to bear witness with ruthless honesty and total openness. The core issue at the root of all existential problems, which is this separative self-image, is the most comfortable position for a mind which is more reinforced in its self-image than actual reality. Such a position isnt given up lightly at all, as its the beginning steps of the active process intimated by all the wisdom traditions from time eternal.

    The question then, would not be how to successfully argue or “prove” the reality of the Real Truth.. but rather how can we pass along the Calling of Spirit which initiates a person into the process of discovery which reveals it in their own lives?

    • Duane Elgin, media activist and pioneer of the “Voluntary Simplicity” movement, describes the perception that the universe is dead as the root cause of the exploitative mindset.
      Duane asks, how can we shift cultural perception in order to see the universe as a living system?


      • Galactic Axis, Universal Motion


        • “We must learn to trust that our own dharma practice will remove our entire jungle of kleshas [unwholesome qualities], much like knowing a raging wildfire can clear an entire forest from the earth. All of our negativities can be swept away by the firestorm of our compassionate wisdom. We must trust that all of our happiness and sadness is completely dependent on, and a result of, our previous karma; when we trust this process we can begin the accumulation of virtuous actions immediately.” — from Heartfelt Advice by Lama Dudjom Dorjee

          • Galactic Axis, Universal Motion

            Do you have any wisdom that is not quoted from someone else? It is nice to study the wholesome teachings of others, yet they do no good if one does not actually practice them.

            • Probably no one does, we all learn from others, even the Buddha. Acknowledging this we attempt to integrate our ideas from many sources, using fundamental principles to sort out the useful from the unhelpful. Universal ideas remain but their appearance or “clothing” changes from era to era, depending on the society and spiritual development. We see to drill down on those ideas to arrive at universals. “Universal unity and causation” turns out to be one of the most important ones, for example.

              • Galactic Axis, Universal Motion

                Your assumption is incorrect if you are suggesting people cannot access Objective Knowledge themselves. “Learning from others” is not the same as using the knowledge of others as a substitution and abdication of your own responsibility to access Truth at its Source. Theoretical thought and conceptual thought are only the most outer shell of actual Objective Knowledge, as such thought is entirely divorced from Truth in a mind that does not have the adequate space of Being to accommodate the breadth of its connectivity to the Real. Teachings must be practiced, they must be lived. Only by actually walking the path indicated by others will we come into the Source of Objective Knowledge ourselves.

                • The question of self-knowledge doesn’t have to be such a hard sell – Buddha said it simply: “I am awake.” If we trust that all knowledge lies within ourselves, that seems a good place to start.

  4. Thanks sungirl888 for your valued comments and readership! Namaste!

  5. Really great! One of the wonderful things about this website is that is serves as a great ” clearing house” for so many other good and informative websites that are not necessarily mainstream, and that I’d not happen onto readily. Thank you very much for the exposure.


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