The Mother Matrix

WHEN mother welcomed us back in the house after a long day outside at play, we knew there was caring and love waiting for us.

There would  be warm food, a soothing bath, a bedtime story. Clean pajamas and sheets were as much mother’s rule as her unconditional love.

There is a perfect analogy “between the processes of Nature, in the Kosmos, and in the individual man,” according to The Secret Doctrine (1:173.)

We learn that analogy “is the surest guide to the comprehension of the Occult teachings.” Thus, nature must also be a loving mother.

Hundreds of restorative forces are built-in to our physical bodies. Cuts and scrapes soon heal, the immune system fights off harmful invaders, and worn out parts are repaired with fresh new cells.  Nature knows how to care for her children, if only we obey a few basic rules, and don’t throw off the natural order. That’s the ideal.

But in these hectic and distracting times more of us are straying from nature’s ways. With increasing financial and psychological pressures on parents, early childhood is often less than ideal, and we’ve stop paying attention.

Updated and republished at:

Mother’s Love, A Cosmic Force

2 responses to “The Mother Matrix

  1. A very interesting Theosophy Watch. It reminds me of the Hopi Indians who call the Earth, Mother, or even Grandmother. And when the wind blows, they say “The wind is sweeping clean the face of Mother Earth.” When it rains torrents creating arroyos in the desert, they call them “The scars on the face of Mother Earth.” Ah, the connection.

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