Journey into the Afterlife

PSYCHE in occult Greek philosophy was the organ or vehicle of the nous, the higher ego or reembodying spirit.

The caterpillar lives its period, making for itself a chrysalis, which after a stage of dormancy is broken by the emerging butterfly.

This implies the potentiality of soul growth for all beings, and of an earthbound humanity becoming aerial, uniting with spirit.

These thoughts led the ancient Greeks to use the butterfly as a symbol of the human soul (psyche); and in their mythology Psyche was in consequence represented in art with butterfly wings.

Seven year old Kristine loved to take her daydreams outside. One day during her dreamy wanderings she noticed a Monarch Butterfly who appeared to have a hurt wing and couldn’t fly.

“I decided I must help her!” Kristine wrote. “Putting her on my shoulder I took her home and announced I was going to heal her back to full health. My parents didn’t tell me I ‘couldn’t’ although I heard them discuss how heartbroken I would be if the Butterfly didn’t live.

“My Mom helped me gather up what we thought a Butterfly would eat and we made a grassy nest next to my pillow on my bed, and she stayed right there at night while I slept. During the day I would take her outside for fresh air and to see if she could fly yet…a week went by, my parents were seen shaking their heads.

“Then a few more days went by and while outside she suddenly flew off my shoulder…she flew up and away.


“And then I cried, happy that she could fly again, sad that she was gone. However as I turned for one last look in the last direction she flew in, I felt a brush across my cheek.

“Ms. Butterfly had come around the other side of me, to give me what my Mother always called ‘Butterfly Kisses.’ My tears turned into a grateful smile. My love for all of God’s miracles of being has never left me.”  – Kristine Kamp-Adante, (Courtesy of Northwest Animal Healing & Intuitive Communication)

Updated and republished at:

Mystery of the Afterlife


7 responses to “Journey into the Afterlife

  1. That’s a very interesting deep material, thanks a lot for posting it!

  2. I agree, and when I talk about materiality, I am also talking energy.

    Take a look at this YouTube clip by the scientist James Oschman, he is talking like us!

  3. I think that since fundamental particles like the electron, are all identical, not similar but identical, and that they are bumps in the standing quantum field, that they really do not exist. And because they are the product of this primary reality we have to recognize that materiality is not!
    To have the answer to the nature of the quantum field and call it consciousness, isn’t a verifiable assertion!

    • Matter is just another form of energy. Because electrons have mass all be it very small, and can act as particles (with some complicated exceptions in quantum physics) so for the average discussion yes they are matter. Light behaves like tiny packets of wave energy and so exhibit some particle property but do not actually have mass. When talking about experiments that prove that matter has a wavelength (de Broglie wavelengths) observations were made that the diffractions patterns of electrons and x-rays in crystals were very similar. (Therefore matter behaves like light and a wave.)

  4. I think it interesting that the sum total of energy in the universe is zero, this also implies that the total before it began was zero, and that the total at the end is zero.
    Linear time is that which we commonly experience relates to the relative rate at which events unfold, but there is irrational time which exists at right angles to this, David Hawkins refers to it as non linear time. From this perspective, all that ever has been, is, or ever will be exists simultaneously! Perhaps this is gods perspective?
    Sub Atomic particles flicker into and out of existence in labs from the quantum vacuum.
    Perhaps, nothing is not really nothing, and as the Bhudists believe, nothing is what it is all about? I am pretty sure I did not exist before I was born, and this is not promising for the prospect of infinite duration after I die. Maybe being nothing again, might be something?

    • Interesting ideas thanks. These are derived from standard model physics and cosmology. The occult cosmology of space says “seeing through it, [people] believe in their illusion and ignorance that it is empty space. There is not one finger’s breath of void Space in the whole Boundless Universe.” Even modern electric universal theorists admit the whole cosmos is teeming with charged invisible particles. The same can be applied to consciousness and soul – we don’t see or recognize them as objects, yet without them nothing else would exist, matter or make sense.

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