My Three Brains



CONSCIOUSNESS itself is thought by most neuroscientists to be created by and located entirely in the physical brain tucked away inside our skulls.

This persistent worldview is only reinforced by our body language: we always describe thinking by pointing to our heads.

But native cultures never engaged in such ignorant skullduggery. The traditional Native American view always considered the heart to be the center of thought and motive.

Confusing matters more are those familiar ‘gut-feelings’ we often have. These  compelling instincts, studies show, are more often than not signal accurate intuitions, even foretelling of some future event.

“Two brains may seem like the stuff of science fiction, but they make literal and evolutionary sense,” says NY Times writer Harriet Brown. But three brains? That does seem a stretch. Yet in Theosophy every cell has a consciousness of its own, even every atom.

[Like the heart], “the enteric nervous system [the gut] must assess conditions, decide on a course of action and initiate a reflex.  And does all this on its own, with little help from the central nervous system.”

Undeterred, most neuroscientists continue to diligently catalog what they insist are ‘the neural correlates of consciousness’ in the brain, and seem determined to prove that neurons are the sole authors of our thoughts and feelings, isolated exclusively in the fatty workshop between our ears.

In this consensus view when we die everything disappears forever — including our soul and that individual ‘I am I’ consciousness. But this reductionist view of mind and consciousness is losing favor with many research scientists on the leading edge today, and is about to radically change.

The Field of Mind

About Adam

Adam McLeod is author of “Intention Heals” and the “DreamHealer” series. He combines the subtle energy he “sees” as a healer using his Native American experience in aboriginal healing, and the cutting-edge biosciences he knows as a molecular biologist . He has presented with Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell many times in conferences, who in the film “The Living Matrix” credits Adam with distantly healing his kidney cancer.

Adam McLeod

Adam McLeod

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It takes a Village

Recently it was confirmed that the brain in our head is indeed not unique. As said, our gut also has a brain and can think independently, as does the heart. “Two brains are better than one, Harriet Brown wrote in a The New York Times article — we have a ” brain in the head, and one in the gut.”

“During a special recognition test, guesses turned out to be as accurate or more accurate than when study participants thought they consciously remembered, “a related study at reported, suggesting “we shouldn’t rely only on conscious memory.”

“… we also need to develop our intuitive nature and creativity. Intuition may have an important role in finding answers to all sorts of problems in everyday life …”

“The study links lucky guesses to valid memories and suggests that people need to be more receptive to multiple types of knowledge.”

Gut Thinking

Does your gut have a brain? What does your head brain have to do with your gut brain? Dr. Mark Hyman shares groundbreaking information about our two brains, [we actually have three brains, according to the Living Matrix, and the heart is the ’emperor’]. But our gut is no second fiddler, and Dr. Hyman offers a simple, step-by-step plan to achieve amazing health.

No Guesswork

“That gut feeling may actually reflect a reliable memory,” one study affirmed. “You know the feeling. You make a decision you’re certain is merely a ‘lucky guess.'”

“A new study from Northwestern University offers precise electrophysiological evidence that such decisions may sometimes not be guesswork after all.”

Heart Brain

“One of the early pioneers in neurocardiology is Dr. J. Andrew Armour, who introduced the concept of a functional ‘heart brain’ in 1991,” says the Institute of HeartMath. “His work revealed that the heart has a complex intrinsic nervous system that is sufficiently sophisticated to qualify as a ‘little brain’ in its own right.”

“Our physiological systems are interacting in subtle ways with the electromagnetic signal produced by [the] heart,” reports The Institute. This signal, they say, is “registered in the brain waves of people around you.”

This could explain a lot about the mechanism of transference of thoughts between people at a distance, and other related psi phenomena.

But for each person, the Institute reports,”the heart’s electromagnetic field is believed to act as a central synchronizing signal within the body.”

Real Being

For non-reductionist scientists, looking for proof that consciousness exists separately from the gray matter of the brain, research is ongoing. This is critical research, and will lead to a science-based spiritual shift. That shift will undoubtedly prove what Blavatsky wrote in Psychic and Noetic Action:

“The phenomena of human consciousness must be regarded as activities of some other form of Real Being than the moving molecules of the brain.”

There is much still to learn, and there are exciting potential medical applications — but scientists admit to barely scratching the surface, and their heads, over what is now being revealed about consciousness apparently being a separate energy system from the body and brain.

Multi-tasking Mind

“It is the function of the physical, lower mind to act upon the physical organs and their cells,” she wrote, “but it is the higher mind along which can influence the atoms interacting in these cells:

— which interaction is alone capable of exciting the brain, via the spinal ‘center’ cord, to a mental representation of spiritual ideas far beyond any objects on this material plane.”

The Wonder of You

Seats of Mind

Hindu and Tibetan meditators understand whole body consciousness first hand., H. P. Blavatsky recognized the complex and pervasiveness of consciousness, insisting that every cell and organ must have a brain of its own to focus and organize that energy.

“Memory has no seat, no special organ of its own in the human brain,” she wrote, but has “seats in every organ of the body” — also pointing out that “the ancient Hindus endowed every cell in the human body with consciousness.”

“They cannot be explained as the simple resultant of the cerebral physiological processes, [they are only] a form for purposes of concrete manifestation.”


“The phenomena of divine consciousness have to be regarded as activities of our mind on another and a higher plane,” Blavatsky concludes, “working through something less substantial than the moving molecules of the brain.”

5 responses to “My Three Brains

  1. Hi!
    Thank you for your great staff. Best regards, Monica

  2. Theosophy uses the word “lives” often in its literature. Theosophically, what does the term, the “lives”, mean?

    • What Theosophy calls “the lives” are living entities in nature’s vast life, the particles that we call molecules of
      water, air, salt, iron, and so on. They pass from one combination to another, sometimes forming part of a plant, sometimes of an animal, sometimes of a human body, the ocean, planet Earth, etc. the Earth does not exist apart from the lives composing it. It is made up of lives of many grades, all of them evolving and progressing, endlessly. In the human kingdom this evolutionary journey is accomplished through embodiment in a series of Root-Races, Family Races, National Races, Tribal Races, and Tribal Generations. The evolution of the elemental, mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms is accomplished by embodiment in a series of races closely analogous to that of the human. We may think of this evolutionary journey as a vast musical symphony, in which each life, from atom to globe, plays its part, each working in harmony with the rest. For more on the elemental kingdoms and lives, review again the article:


      or a stone. Age after age they are awakening
      to fuller consciousness, learning, even though
      if we watched them for ages we might not
      notice any change.

      What are they learning? The power to
      combine into higher groups.

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