The Earth does not Revolve around The Sun

solarwavesOUR vast solar system is vast only when not compared with the still greater aggregation of stars and planets around it.

“The great sidereal year covered by the sun in going through the twelve signs of the zodiac includes over 25,000 mortal years of 365 days each.

“And we may imagine — for there are no [physical] observations on the point — that, while the 25,000 years of travel around the zodiac have been passing, the solar system as a whole has advanced along the sun’s own orbit only a little distance.

“While this immense circuit is being traversed, the sun drags the whole solar system with him around his own tremendous orbit.”

“But after millions of years shall have been consumed in these progresses, the sun must bring his train of planets to stellar space where they have never been before.

“Here other conditions and combinations of matter may very well obtain — conditions and states of which our scientists have never heard, of which there never has been recorded one single phenomenon; and the difference between planetary conditions then and now will be so great that no resemblance shall be observed. William Q. Judge, Echoes from the Orient, Ch. 5

The Helical Model

“Spiral evolution, it must be remembered, is dual, and the path of spirituality turns, corkscrew-like, within and around physical, semi-physical, and supra-physical evolution.”

H. P. Blavatsky


The True Sun

“Considering how little is known of the sun of this system, it is not to be wondered at that still more is this the case respecting the true sun. Science laughs, of course, at the mystic’s ‘true sun,’ for it sees none other than the one shining in the heavens.

“Astronomers learnedly declare all that they do not know about the mighty orb, relegating the ancient ideas on the subject to the limbo of superstitious nonsense.”

“It is not to the modern schools that I would go for information on this subject. Even on the subject of spots on our great luminary, everything nowadays is mere conjecture.”  (W. Q. Judge)

Solar System a Vortex

“Fact of the matter is that if the helical model is correct and our Solar System is a traveling vortex, it will change how we feel about our journey. For me personally the heliocentric model feels like a useless merry-go-round: after one year we are back to square one. The helical model feels much more like progress, growth, a journey through space in which we never ever come back to our starting point. We are NOT in a big merry-go-round. A circle is a spiral with the progress taken out. … We are on a journey.”   – (

Two Suns

“But we say that this sun is only an appearance, a mere reflection to us of part of the true sun. …  modern astronomers have begun to admit that our entire solar system is in motion around some far off undetermined centre which is so powerful that it attracts our solar orb and thus draws his entire system with him.

“My object, however, is to draw your attention to the doctrine that there is a true sun of which the visible one is a reflection.

“In this true one there is spiritual energy and help, just as our own beloved luminary contains the spring of our physical life and motion.”

“Our physical sun is for physics, not metaphysics, while that true one shines down within us. The orb of day guards and sustains the animal economy; the true sun shines into us through its medium within our nature. We should then direct our thought to that true sun and prepare the ground within for its influence, just as we do the ground for the vivifying rays of the King of Day.”

William Q. Judge, Our Sun and the True Sun (excerpts)

Galaxy is Helical


9 responses to “The Earth does not Revolve around The Sun

  1. think about comets like an etchasketch with the comet as the active pixel guided by the vortex which is locked into the cone that is created by the sun.Three comets turned on one star.

  2. Yes indeed…and inspiration to those who are walking the path. I’m learning about the relationship between the physical and the metaphysical…..a way for me to engage with the avatar HPB.

  3. If the “True Sun” is not physical nor visible, but spiritual and conscious, were the ancient religions correct in believing in a “Sun God”?

  4. This is what I have felt…. and it’s time isn’t it?
    (to re-engage, re- energize and re-generate, that is)

    • HPB’s prediction has finally matured in this century, it would seem: The materialistic sciences, she wrote, “will be driven out of their position, not by spiritual, theosophical, or any other physical or even mental phenomena. But simply by the enormous gaps and chasms that open daily — and will still be opening before them. One discovery follows the other,” she noted, “until they are finally knocked off their feet by the ninth wave of simple common sense.”

      • Common Sense….interesting because it has a ‘co’ in the label. We’ve spent quite sometime searching for ‘my’ enlightenment haven’t we?

  5. Nassim Haramein seems to be one of those thought leaders who is enabling western science to catch up with the Theosophical Society. He is one of those courageous individuals who thinks differently and has the compassion, intellect and courage to share.
    A delight!!

    • there are childhood stories of Nassim being an independent, questioner of authority, strong proponent of peace and anti-nationalism, questioner of dogmatic practices — sounds like the qualification of an independent thinker Blavatsky would approve of.

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