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Space is Not Empty: New Views of the Interstellar Medium

Awakening to the Living Kosmos

SPIRITUAL substance exists everywhere, says Occult Science, “and forms the first Upadhi [foundation] on which our World [solar system] is built.

“Outside [our sysem] it is to be found in its pristine purity only between [the solar systems or] the Stars of the Universe.

“The worlds already formed or forming; those in Laya resting meanwhile in its bosom. 

“As its substance is of a different kind from that known on earth, the inhabitants of the [Earth], seeing through itbelieve in their illusion and ignorance that it is empty space.

There is not one finger’s breath  (angula) of void Space in the whole Boundless (Universe).  

“Matter or Substance is septenary within our World, as it is so beyond it. Moreover, each of its states or principles is graduated into seven degrees of density.”

“In the universe of manifestation the ever-present electrical energy and ceaseless destructive and formative power. Esoterically, it is Fohat the universal propelling Vital Force, at once the propeller and the resultant.”

– H. P. Blavatsky, Fohat: The Cosmic Electricity


Space is not Empty

(What The Secret Doctrine says, by H. P. Blavatsky):

  1. A conscious, colorless spiritual fluid, no empty space.

“Extracts from a private commentary,* hitherto secret: —”

“The Initial Existence in the first twilight of the Maha-Manwantara (after the Maha-Pralaya that follows every age of Brahma) is a conscious spiritual quality. In the manifested worlds (solar systems) it is, in its objective subjectivity, like the film from a Divine Breath to the gaze of the entranced seer. It spreads as it issues from Laya throughout infinity as a colourless spiritual fluid. It is on the seventh plane, and in its seventh state in our planetary world.

“It is Substance to our spiritual sight. It cannot be called so by men in their waking state; therefore they have named it in their ignorance ‘God-Spirit.’


“We believe in the much laughed at phlogiston (see article “What is force and what is matter?“), and in what some natural philosophers would call nisus the incessant though perfectly imperceptible (to the ordinary senses) motion or efforts one body is making on another — the pulsations of inert matter — its life.”

“Matter (or nature) acting by her own peculiar energy,” writes a Master,

must have always existed — its materials ever changing form, combinations and properties, but its principles or elements being absolutely indestructible.

The connection between phlogiston and plasma can also be seen in another letter from Master K.H.:

What are those long white filaments twisted like so many ropes, of which the penumbra of the Sun is made up? What the central part that is seen like a huge flame ending in fiery spires, and the transparent clouds, or rather vapours formed of delicate threads of silvery light, that hangs over those flames — what — but magneto-electric aura — the phlogiston of the Sun?[5]

Plasma Ball

The Theosophist, September 1882, P. 319, “What is Force and What is Matter?”  For links click on: Universal Theosophy, Theosophical Periodicals.

“In other words we believe in MATTER alone, in matter as visible nature and matter in its invisibility as the invisible omnipresent omnipotent Proteus with its unceasing motion which is its life, and which nature draws from herself since she is the great whole outside of which nothing can exist.”

“Its motion is due to the force
which is inherent in itself.”

“The Theosophist who knows anything about life insists that Universal Brotherhood is not a mere theory. It is a fact, a living ever present fact, from which no nation can hope to escape; no man can escape from it, and every man who violates it violates a law, violates the greatest law of nature, which will react upon him and make him suffer.”

– W. Q. Judge, Universal Brotherhood a Fact in Nature

“As above so below.”

Deeper study on the subject: 

The Global Consciousness Project

The Early Teachings Of The Masters

All Hallows Eve: Astrology for Oct. 30 to Nov. 6



WE step through the veil this week, the veil that separates the material world from the more subtle worlds, the world of fairies, magic, and the realms of the dead.

We are now in the thick of Scorpio season. Venus and Mars perfect their conjunction, but we also see something more sublime, more mystical, and inspiring emerging as well.

In addition to our 4 corners of the Zodiac that coincide with the 4 Seasons, and the 4 Cardinal Signs, there are 4 other corners that fall in the middle of the ‘Fixed’ Signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. All 8 of these correspond to ancient celebrations and traditions throughout the world.

And on October 31st/November 1st, we celebrate Halloween here in the West, and the Day of the Dead as celebrated in Latin American countries.

In pre-Christian Ireland, Samhain, the precursor to Halloween, was celebrated as an agricultural feast when the last of the crops were gathered and the ‘cows came home’ for the Winter. Samhain represented seasonally the veil between the old year and the new. And as such, the spirits of the previous year, that had passed, were celebrated as well.



Today the season has morphed into a holiday celebrated with costumed children and treats, where children make their rounds like so many fairies and demons from beyond the veil. In ancient Ireland, burial cairns were aired out on this day, and the dead were made offerings to pacify them and send them on their way. Bonfires were lit in honor of the dying sun and the shorter days. These fires served as a beacon to remind the Sun to return once more from the underworld, in order to light our days once again, here in the North.

The wound is the place
where the Light enters you.


Venus and Mars perfect their conjunction this week. When the planet of desire and motivation meets the planet of love, sparks ignite. Sometimes these can be good sparks, that bring us closer to our object of desire. But conflict can also arise when these two disparate planets meet. It’s not all desire, lust and romance between these two. And it’s not uncommon for feelings of anger, and agitation to also arise when these two meet. With Venus in Virgo, there can either be an over-willingness to compromise, or resentment for having to, once again, put your own wishes and preferences aside for others. So we can also see this sense of frustration, and conflict, between wanting to make a connection with others, to have some kind of a social life, but also wanting to be able to do what we want, when we want. This can result in all sorts of passive aggressive grouchiness this week.

When you seek Love with all your heart
you shall find its echoes
in the Universe.

– Rumi

We confuse love with attachment, and endow people with all sorts of qualities and expectations, that they can’t possibly possess. So there are bound to be some glitches thrown into the mix because of this. But it is not necessary. For if we love someone, truly love them, what we would want more than anything is for that person to be happy. No matter what. This brings us to the fact that we are currently in Scorpio weather, which can be laden with desires of its own.

But as Sun and Mercury are trine Neptune, this week, the planet of transcendence, ideals, spirituality and compassion, we may have some insights into what that other type of Love, the type of love that Rumi writes of, that involves willing sacrifice, and is unconditional… Well, let’s just say that’s another kind of love.

For the week of October 30 thru November 6, be sure to read your rising sign as well:


Some of the more interesting manifestations of Venus/Mars in Virgo could be compelling social occasions at work; flirtations with co-workers; or enrolling in a new exercise/dance class, where you can get the blood flowing. But the flip side of that can also occur: Another office party?; jealousy or competition from co-workers; or inappropriate behavior in the work place that needs to be sorted out. Use the energy to get things done, to organize, and focus on those things that bring you the most inner satisfaction, and then set your priorities accordingly.


When your ruler meets Mars, it can kindle the passions in romance, or those things which make your heart sing. But it can also be something of a motivator for all areas of your life, compelling you to finally take that first step, or commit to that next project you’ve been meaning to get to, or setting your priorities so that you can have more time for those things that truly being you happiness. This can be very creative and inspiring energy for Taurus. See where your heart is taking you, and what ventures you want to see get off the ground.


With your ruler Mercury joining the Sun in Scorpio this week, you could find yourself on something of a mission to organize, separate, and make sense of both your personal and work environments. Mercury being in Scorpio could feel a little like you are on a mission, and this energy could be quite useful for seeing projects through to their completion. This week could also be quite inspiring. Allow your intuition as well as your mind to draw you to investigate some of those leads you are trying to follow.


Probably the most compelling aspects this week for Cancer are those being made by Sun and Mercury in fellow water sign Scorpio, to transcendent Neptune. There is magic in the air at this time of year, when the fabric of the veil between the material and other realms becomes thinner. In this way Cancer is being cast with a veil of inspiration, where you are also being beckoned to find some stillness and serenity in your lives. Neptune/Sun/Mercury periods are good for spiritual journeys, spiritual studies, yoga retreats, journeys and explorations with no specific expectations, results or material rewards. The rewards that Neptune brings are of a different realm.


Pay attention to your dreams, to your intuition: dream, invent, imagine and create. Listen for the whispers in the sound of the silence. We enter the week on a note of profound introspection and meditation, and leave the week with a sense of purpose and resolve. Creatively, I don’t doubt you will probably have one of the more interesting costumes this year, if you are so inclined. On a more practical level, if something needs fixing, this is a great week to get it done. Focus on the work at hand, and you will be amazed at how much you can get accomplished.


This is a good week for having the courage to initiate relationships, and/or approach others and make worthwhile connections. Don’t devalue the ability to use charm and friendly persuasion to get what you want. If you do know what you want, allow yourself to take the initiative, and get things rolling. Use the influence of Mars currently traveling in your sign to be more assertive and courageous in social and other situations. This is a good week to take the lead. As your ruler, Mercury, is also entering Scorpio this week, it is safe to say that if you are on something of a mission, this Venus/Mars energy can be quite useful.


This week could be quite motivating in some ways, but it can also be quite frustrating, especially if you develop impatience for not being able to take the initiative. Recognizing what you do have control over, will be helpful. And some of those things are probably more personal, such as your perspective, and your inner world. One thing that you may become more in tune with, are those things that are priorities in your life, what you truly desire, and also giving yourself permission to not compromise those things. Pay attention to your inner more subtle desires, but also pay attention to what is irking you as well. That is also important.


You are not one to tolerate sycophants and flatterers easily. But on the other hand, associates and allies can also prove to be quite useful in certain situations, and what we are willing to put up with, can bring its rewards later on. See what mutually beneficial alliances can be established this week, within your circle of acquaintances. Otherwise the energy for this week is somewhat subtle, sublime, intuitive, and perhaps even a little magical. It is prime for creative inspiration, as well as matters of the heart. We are in Scorpio season now, with Sun and Mercury in Scorpio: allow yourself to feel the inspiration of the magic in the air.


There are times when magnetic charm can serve you well and this may just be one of those weeks, provided you use that charm for the greater good and harmony. Impatience and some other demons can also be a signature for this week, especially if certain buttons are being pushed, or emotional triggers being set off. Be particularly wary for issues of jealousy, possessiveness and control. You don’t have time for that nonsense. With Saturn, the planet of respect, traveling in your sign for the next few years, remember you are better than that.


There is a sense of discontent, or perhaps some discomfort arising over the next few weeks. We will address this further as we discuss the relationship between your ruler, Saturn, and Neptune that will extend into 2016. This is a long-term effect, but it will be in the backdrop of many of our lives, and it is just beginning to close in. In the mean time, there are a number of fortunate confluences this week. Not only the influence of Venus/Mars in fellow earth sign Virgo, which brings Capricorn more in touch with their own desires, but also the comfort of being in Scorpio season, which can bring you in touch with the people and situations that will either: bring you a sense of purpose; the sort of confirmation or vindication that brings healing; or a sense of re-empowerment.


There is a not so fine line that can be crossed in either romance or business, that can devolve into control, aggression, and/or frustration. Use your wonderful capacity to keep things in perspective, and objectively look at the feelings, emotions, compulsions, or attractions that arise. Some of these may be quite compelling and worth investing in, others maybe not so much. And when in doubt ask, do the research and investigate. Don’t take anything based on surface appearances. There’s a lot more going on underneath.


People can be quite persuasive these days, as many people are keen to seduce us with their wiles as well as their wallets and energy. This may be either entertaining, or quite annoying as you may be also sensitive this week as to where and how you compromise too much in order to keep the peace. You can’t help other people’s feelings, positive or negative. And this can also devolve into passive aggressive actions by others, because they perceive you as being something of a rival for what they want or wish to accomplish. Pay them no heed. They’ll get over it, when they see that you are no threat to them. You are on a higher mission of your own this week, now that we are in Scorpio season. A mission with a much higher purpose.

Visit the site: Astrology by Lauren

“What is Destiny?”

by H. P. Blavatsky


“As understood by the Occultist, it is merely the chain of causation producing its correspondential series of effects. …  every individual is his own creator or his own father, i.e., our future personality will be the result of our present mode of living.  In the same manner our present birth, with all its conditions is the tree grown out of the germ sown in our past incarnations. Our physical and spiritual conditions are the effects of our actions produced on those two planes.

“All our thoughts and actions thus produce the vibrations in space, which mould our future career. And astrology is a science, which having determined the nature of the laws that govern these vibrations is able to state precisely a particular or a series of results, the causes of which have already been produced by the individual in his previous life.


“Since the present incarnation is the child of the previous one, and since there is but that. ONE LIFE which holds together all the planets of the Solar system, the position of those planets at the time of the birth of an individual – which event is the aggregate result of the causes already produced – gives to the true Astrologer the data upon which to base his predictions.



“It should be well remembered at the same time that just as the ‘astronomer who catalogues the stars cannot add one atom to the universe,’ so also no astrologer, no more than the planet, can influence the human destiny. Perhaps the following beautiful passage from that exquisite work of Bulwer Lytton’s – Zanoni – may help to make the meaning still clearer:

‘For the accomplishment of whatever is great and lofty, the clear perception of truths is the first requisite – truths adapted to the object desired. The warrior thus reduces the chances of battle to combinations almost of mathematics. He can predict a result, if he can but depend upon the materials he is forced to employ.’

“This necessitates a consideration of the element of clairvoyance necessary to constitute a true astrologer.”

– H. P. Blavatsky, Astrology, Numbers and Destiny


Angels in the Snow

SNOW angels, as far as we know, are only human-made depressions formed in an area of snow in the shape of an angel.

Snow angel making is a classic and fun winter child’s game — adults too can’t resist.

Nearly everyone living in northern latitudes knows about making “snow angels.” If you don’t, or haven’t, here’s the recipe.

The creation of the snow angel is easy. The first step is to find an undisturbed blanket of snow.

The next step is to lie on your back on the newly fallen snow, spreadeagled. Arms and legs are then swept back and forth, creating the winged shape.

The finished creation should have the appearance of an angel, the movement of the arms having formed wings, and that of the legs having formed the dress.

The trick is always to launch oneself carefully out of the newly formed impression without disturbing the design.

Then, if possible, take giant steps away minimizing any tell-tale footprints — leaving behind, for passers-by to marvel, a glistening angel dropped magically out of heaven!

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A Mysterious Force

IS the apparent void of Space “an emptiness,” asks Deepak Chopra, “or could it be the womb of creation, the source of Life itself?”

This is clearly a rhetorical question by Dr. Chopra who knows well his Eastern metaphysics.

H. P. Blavatsky agreed asserting “there is not one finger’s breath of void Space in the whole Boundless Universe,” (The Secret Doctrine 1:289.)

In her day science still believed in the existence of “Ether.” The substance, she noted, was “accepted by physical astronomy, in ordinary physics, and in chemistry. Astronomers, who first began by regarding it as a fluid of extreme tenuity and mobility — ‘its main function in modern astronomy has been to serve as a basis for hydrodynamical theories of gravitation.'”

What connects everything in this infinite boundlessness? The answer is described by ancient seers as a “conscious spiritual quality” or “divine breath.”

“It spreads as it issues from Laya throughout infinity as a colourless spiritual fluid.”

Ether was later rejected by science in favor of mathematical models and various devices proposed by Einstein and others to bolster up gravity as the primary force in the universe.

New observations in deep space challenged those theories, and now “dark matter” and “dark energy” are proposed to fill the gap. But these seem to be merely the old ‘ether’ repackaged in science-speak.

It may be soon that the old hypothetical models will be replaced by scientists who favor observational, empirical evidence pointing to an  electrical universe, (Holoscience.com) — which is more in sync with ancient Theosophical teachings.

“Light is Life … both are electricity,” Mme. Blavatsky wrote in her first work Isis Unveiled (1:258): — it is “the life-principle, the anima mundi, pervading the universe, the electric vivifier of all things,” she wrote explaining the occult teachings.

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We’re Not Alone

ASTRONOMERS reported last week that each of the 100 billion stars in the Milky Way “probably has at least one companion planet, on average, adding credence to the notion that planets are as common in the cosmos as grains of sand on the beach.”

“The finding underscores a fundamental shift in scientific understanding of planetary systems in the cosmos,” reports Robert Leet Hotz in the January 12, 2012 Wall Street Journal. “Our own solar system, considered unique not so long ago, turns out to be just one among billions.”

“There are millions and millions of worlds and firmaments visible to us,” prophesied H. P. Blavatsky over 120 years ago in The Secret Doctrine (1:605), before our modern astronomical techniques and equipment existed.

“And there are still greater numbers,” she wrote, “beyond those visible to the [in her time] telescopes […] such invisible worlds do exist.”

This multiverse, Blavatsky writes knowingly, “is inhabited as thickly as our own,” with worlds “scattered throughout apparent Space in immense number.

…some far more material than our own world, others gradually etherealizing until they become formless and are as ‘Breaths.‘”


“That our physical eye does not see them, is no reason to disbelieve in them. Physicists can see neither their ether, atoms, nor ‘modes of motion,’ or Forces. Yet they accept and teach them.”


Such unambiguous statements beg the question: How did the writers of “The Secret Doctrine,” in the 19th century, know all this? — It is because, it is well known that two of the ‘writers’ were Indian Masters, collaborating with Mme. Blavatsky.

Those Masters were  connected with the “countless generations of initiated seers—whose flashing gaze  (SD 1:272):

“…penetrated into the very kernel of matter, and recorded the soul of things there.”


The Secret Doctrine teachings are, therefore, “the accumulated Wisdom of the Ages,” H. P. Blavatsky says (Vol. 1, Page xxii.),  and “could not be contained in a hundred such volumes.”

“Astronomers said Wednesday that each of the 100 billion stars in the Milky Way probably has at least one companion planet.” Photo: AP

“Until April 1994, there was no other known solar system, but the discoveries have slowly mounted since then: The Kepler space telescope, designed for planet-hunting, now finds them routinely.

“Planets are the rule rather than the exception,” said lead astronomer Arnaud Cassan at the Institute of Astrophysics in Paris. “He led an international team of 42 scientists who spent six years surveying millions of stars at the heart of the Milky Way, in the most comprehensive effort yet to gauge the prevalence of planets in the galaxy.”

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The Evening Star

“NO STAR among the countless myriads that twinkle over the sidereal fields of the night sky,” writes Helena Blavatsky, “shines so dazzlingly as the planet Venus.”

“Venus is the queen among our planets, the crown jewel of our solar system.”

“She is the inspirer of the poet, the guardian and companion of the lonely shepherd,” she writes, “the lovely morning and the evening star.”

“For, ‘Stars teach as well as shine,’ although their secrets are still untold and unrevealed to the majority of men, including astronomers.”

“They are ‘a beauty and a mystery,’ verily.”


“This story shall now be told,” she says, “for the benefit of those who may have neglected their astral mythology.”

“Venus, characterised by Pythagoras as the sol alter, a second Sun, on account of her magnificent radiance – equalled by none other was the first to draw the attention of ancient Theogonists.”

“Before it began to be called Venus, it was known in pre-Hesiodic theogony as Eosphoros (or Phosphoros), and Hesperos, the children of the dawn and twilight.”


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When Darkness Falls

“NO STAR among the countless myriads that twinkle over the sidereal fields of the night sky,” writes Helena Blavatsky, “shines so dazzlingly as the planet Venus.”

“Venus is the queen among our planets, the crown jewel of our solar system.”

“She is the inspirer of the poet, the guardian and companion of the lonely shepherd,” she writes, “the lovely morning and the evening star.”

“For, ‘Stars teach as well as shine,’ although their secrets are still untold and unrevealed to the majority of men, including astronomers.”

“They are ‘a beauty and a mystery,’ verily.”


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